Faygo Chewing Gum

This campaign is centered on the launch of a product called Faygo Gum, a new (and fictional...for now) chewing gum made with the same flavoring as popular Faygo sodas. This campaign is designed to run in Metro Detroit, where Faygo has its strongest market share. Currently, Faygo has a large share of outdoor advertising space in Metro Detroit. For the launch of this product, those spaces would be filled with ads that introduce the new product while remaining consistent with the larger Faygo brand identity. 

Outdoor Ads

Digital Ad

Geo-targeted digital ads will be seen by web users in Metro Detroit, as well as other regions where Faygo is popular. When a user sees this ad and clicks on a bottle, it will come to the foreground and begin to shake in a light box. After a few shakes, it will explode, but instead of spilling soda, it will blow a gum bubble that consumes the window and then pops, leaving the image of a pack of Faygo Gum in the center of the screen. When the pack of gum is clicked, the user will be directed to Faygo’s online store. 

"Find Faygo" Mobile App

This app uses GPS to provide consumers with a quick and easy way to find Faygo. After performing a search, the screen will either fill with soda or a gum bubble, depending on the preference of the user. The more Faygo products there are in the area, the more soda will fill the screen, or the larger the bubble will blow. When a user clicks on the bubble or the soda, the names and locations of nearby retailers will appear.